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Barilla expanding the pasta-bilities with plant expansion

Ames Seed Capital Celebrating growth
Ames Seed Capital: A look back
Barilla expanding the pasta-bilities
Cooks’ Emporium reopening its doors
First Amendment Days celebration ISU
Cops Against Cancer helping families
Freezin' for a reason
Scientists research "talking" plants
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Don't let your body define you
Forum tackles issues of violence
Double-Billed Opera
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Top-Rated Amish Furniture
Your home deserves the best – the best in quality and the best in style. But where do you even start? At Homemakers Furniture! We can help you upgrade your space with top-rated, Amish-made furniture for every room in your home.
5 Stunning Bedroom Color Palettes
The bedroom is the most important room in your home. It is where you begin and end each day! We’ve put together five of our favorite bedroom color palettes – and a few colorful bedroom furniture ideas – inspired by Pantone’s 2018 Fall Color Report!
Trend Alert: French Interior Design
Give your home a fresh new look that captures the beauty of France with two irresistible French interior design styles that will make you swoon!
The Best Fall Color Trends of 2018
We’re diving into the trendiest colors of the season, including autumn-inspired hues and classic colors that look great year-round, with the Pantone Color Report for fall 2018!
Create a Shared Home Office
Homemakers is here to help you create a shared home office that inspires creativity and productivity. By shopping for ergonomic furniture and choosing the best office layout, you’ll both be hard at work in no time!
5 Ways to Style Velvet Furniture
As the seasons come and go, so do interior design trends. However, there is one look that will never go out of style: velvet furniture. This timeless fabric is not only a classic staple in home design and fashion, it is also 2018’s go-to upholstery.
Hallway Decorating Tips
Your home’s hallways, corridors and stairwells are some of the most important areas of your home. They are also the most neglected.
Decorating with Houseplants
You can beat the winter blues until spring officially begins by bringing the outdoors inside – with plants!
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FEB 26 The Simpsonian